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Land for Sale Riverside County

Land for Sale Riverside County

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Riverside County not only has a rich history, but also consists of lush gardens, fascinating museums, and relaxing parks that make it a natural choice when looking to purchase real estate. If you’re interested in land for sale in Riverside County, you’ve come to the right Southern California real estate brokerage. Located in the inland empire about 50 miles from LA, Riverside is the 12th most populated city in California with over 330,000 residents whose median household income is a little over $67,000. The average age of residents in Riverside is 31, making it a popular destination for those looking to build a home and family. So, what other reasons should you consider purchasing land for sale in Riverside County?

Riverside has an Intriguing History

Riverside County, California, was founded in 1870 as a silk-growing colony. The area was originally called Jurupa, but was renamed to Riverside when its orange trees grew prosperous. In 1882, California hosted over 500,000 trees, half of which resided in Riverside. In 1885, Riverside because the wealthiest city in California per capita. After the Mission Inn hotel was built, more celebrities flocked to the area, such as actors, actresses, and even presidents despite the local’s dry climate.

Riverside Weather

Speaking of a dry climate, when it comes to purchasing land in Riverside County, it’s important to understand the type of weather that will affect your future investment. Riverside is relatively dry, with summer having an average high of 94°F, whereas winter’s average low is 43°F. The county receives about 11 inches of rain per year, but fortunately for those opposed to the cold, lacks snow. With these temperatures in mind, if you aim to purchase land in Riverside with the intent of building a home or other property, it’s best to stray away from installing hardwood flooring. One should consider materials meant for desert properties in this instance.

Types of Land for Sale in Riverside County

Riverside has a variety of landscapes to indulge in, from farms to ranches, lakefront property, and, of course, riverfront property. The average cost of riverfront property in the area is over $280,000. Living on the waterfront comes with its own perks, like fishing, water sports, and even health benefits. Riverside’s lakes invite those interested in recreational fishing as the waters are home to bass and catfish. Kayaking and paddle boarding are also popular activities in the area. When it comes to health benefits, living near the water can provide a sense of ease, essentially reducing stress.

If you’re looking for land for sale in California, allow Riverside to peek your interest. This county has a historical look and ample undeveloped land whether you’re looking for a home to relax in, or recreational activities to enjoy with your family. Riverside is a great place to invest in.

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