Commentaries & Bulletins

Below is a list of commentaries and bulletins that are available in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it free from Adobe's website.


Title Author
1. Acceleration Prepayment Penalty Enforced by Dan Schechter
2. "As-Is" Provision Not a Way Around a Seller's Disclosure Obligations by Shirley S. Lu
3. Authority to Grant Subdivider Extensions Totaling 5 Years...Record Final Map by Charles J. Moore
4. Bad Times, Worse Times: Extending the Life of Your Tentative Map During Market Downturns by Michael Patrick Durfee & Thomas Tunny
5. The Broker as Your Agent and the Broker's Fiduciary Responsibilities by Arthur Mazirow
6. Banker and Buyer Beware by Dave Jeffers
7. Calif. Courts Create Super-Priority Lien for Construction Site Improvers by Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger
8. Calif. Courts Disagree on Effect of 1994 Letter of Credit Legislation by Douglas P. Snyder
9. Calif. Enacts Lis Pendens Reform by Barry P. Jablon
10. Calif. Supreme Court Rules that a Property Owner Need Not Lose All Use...Takings Claim by McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen
11. Calif. Supreme Court Rules on Whether Purchase Agreement is an Unenforceable Option Agreement; Overrules Steiner v Thexton by McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP
12. "Can't Get No Satisfaction?" Getting Reimbursements from Reimbursement Agreements by Carla K. Ryhal
13. CERCLA Environmental Liability for Lenders - aLook at the Mew EPA Rule by Dean Stackel
14. Construction Defect Litigation by Robert O. Smylie, Esq.
15. "Court Allows Parties to Exclude CERCLA Remedies..." by McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen
16. Dealing with the Williamson Act by David L. Preiss
17. Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure - a Lender's Perspective by Ken Blumer
18. Defining the "Finished Lot" by Andrew Brooks
19. Developer's Toolbox - Environmental Insurance by David A. Ossentjuk
20. Development Agreements by Robert Merritt and Geoffrey Robinson
21. Distressed Real Estate: When Monitoring Investments, Determine What's Vested by David P. Waite
22. Elective Procedures - Tenants & Buyers Benefit from Understanding...Future Rights by Paul S. Rutter and Duane M. Montgomery
23. A Facelift for Construction Defect Claims by Barry MacNaughton
24. Fee Credits Internal
25. Foreclosed Condo Projects - Traps for the Unwary Lender by L. David Cole

Foreclosure Bidding Strategies and the Risks of a Full Credit Bid

by John H. Kuhl and Douglas Snyder
27. Foreclosure - Set Aside Letter Internal
28. Foreclosure - Subdivision Agreement
29. Homeowner Association Construction Defect Litigation Against Developers by Richard H. Levin
30. If You Buy, Own or Lease Real Property, Please Be Aware That:
by Ervin, Cohen & Jessup, LLP
31. Legislature Overrides Court to Allow Enforcement of Letters of Credit
by Douglas P. Snyder
32. A Lender's Guide to Mello-Roos and Assessment Liens
by Lewis G. Feldman, Esq. and Kathryn M. Lyddan, Esq.
33. Lender's Right to Waive Its Real Property Security Interest in Environmentally Impaired...
by Paul S. Rutter, Esq.
34. Let the Filer Beware the Risks of a Lis Pendens Filing
by Theresa M. Marchlewski, Esq.
35. Load Modifications - Lender Liability Issues by Eric A. Altoon and Marcia Z. Gordon
36. Long Term Construction Defect Liability Claims May Await Lenders Who Foreclose on New Condo & Tract Housing Projects in CA
by Robert Smylie, Esq.
37. Look Out Below: Investors Are Buying & Foreclosing CFD Infrastructure Bonds to Acquire New Housing Subdivisions
by Wald Realty Advisors
38. New Calif. Water Plan Will Impact Everyone
by Susan M. Trager, Esq.
39. A New Normal Creates a New Game Plan for Lender Owned Property
by Wayne Avrashow
40. New Storm Water Regulations
by Joseph Caldwell
41. Other Lender Protections Besides Waiver of Security Interest in Contaminated Real Property by Donald C. Nanney and Duane M. Montgomery
42. Preserving Entitlements with Tax-Exempt Bond Financing
by Gary P. Downs
43. A Recent Calif. Court of Appeals Ruling Severly Restricts the Imposition of Affordable Housing Requirements on Apartment Developers
by Jeffrey Lee Cosell
44. Refundable Money
45. Risk Management Assessment & Its New Role
by Robert Smylie
46. SB 1185 & AB 2604 - 2 Critical Bills for Developers/Builders
by Lewis G. Feldman
47. Tax Benefits for Charitable Contributions of Land
by Dana P. Newman
48. Term of Tentative Map Approvals
by Ron Horn
49. Understanding the Remedy of Lis Pendens
by Fredric W. Kessler
50. Vernal Pools by Sonya Hooker & Bill Korek
51. Water Supply for REO, NOD & Defaulted Property
by John Musick
52. What You Need to Know About Receiverships
by Dave Wald
53. Why Think About Water Rights When Considering the "NOD"?
by John Musick

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