No other Southern California brokerage company specializes in land the way Korek Land Company, Inc. does. Since 1980, our ONLY business has been the brokerage and analysis of land / redevelopment properties. We are LAND specialists. We broker acreage, vacant land, partially developed properties, finished lots, and underdeveloped teardown re-develop type properties.

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The Key to Land Brokerage: Aggressive Marketing That Achieves Broad and Deep Market Penetration
We believe a company's integrity is as important as its knowledge and experience. We are proud to point out that Korek Land Company, Inc. ("KLC") operates under the highest ethical standards. We encourage potential clients to contact our references - we come very highly recommended and you will enjoy doing business with us.

Our brokerage company provides land sellers and buyers a degree of professional expertise unparalleled in the industry. KLC represents sellers on an exclusive basis in California and Nevada. We also represent select buyers who have a long term specific type of property requirement.

KLC's extensive and professional Database Network includes thousands of buyers, sellers, investors, land owners and brokers of California and Nevada land. We continually update our database with virtually every buyer, seller and broker of land in our market area. We believe our aggressive tracking efforts can identify virtually every active land buyer and seller through our Database Network or through one of our Network broker/agent contacts. Being located next to a listed property is less important than the ability to access the entire buyer/broker community.

For outlying areas, KLC often maintains marketing partners with highly reputable local brokers/agents. This shared listing system provides an on-site broker to facilitate property tours and doubles up on marketing efforts. This is a bargain for a seller for they receive twice the marketing effort for the same commission.

The Key to Land Analysis: Experience
Our staff has extensive experience in the successful development of small parcels to master planned communities, the complete analysis of properties, the processing of zone changes, specific plans, general plans, E.I.R.'s, bond financing and development agreements. This experience enables us to understand complex transactions and better meet our sellers' objectives.

KLC's Find Buyers Program ("FBP") is unique to the Southern California and Nevada land brokerage business. This marketing program is designed to identify buyers that other organizations miss.

Brokerage companies often attempt to sell land with other income / commercial properties and homes. This dilutes the effectiveness of their land selling efforts. Many companies keep listings "in-house" in hopes of retaining the total commission (i.e., not shared with another broker). In many cases, listings are only posted in the local multiple listing service. These procedures provide only minimal marketing coverage, and are a disservice to the seller.

In contrast, KLC immediately distributes new listings to the widest range of prospective buyers and brokers. The FBP provides tremendous coverage which often results in multiple offers for the seller's consideration.

KLC has the experience and ability to effectively market a property and maximize its value. More than 50 financial institutions and thousands of private entities have trusted KLC to locate buyers, optimize values and close transactions. These results are achieved through a process:

  • Proper interpretation of how the market will perceive the asset and location. We are in tune with today's buyers, real estate professionals, appraisers and the ever changing market.
  • Energize buyers to pursue our listing through an appropriate asking price and marketing presentation.
  • Assure broad market penetraton. Reaching the broadest land buyer and broker audience is driven by our marketing platform including elements such as:
    • Personal phone calls to know land buyers of a particular type.
    • Email Blasts - using our exclusive Database Network and Find Buyers Program to match hundreds of active land buyers requirements with land asset characteristics.
    • Email Blasts - using our exclusive Database Network to match broker offices in the area of the asset.
    • Email Blasts - using Property Blast (an online service), approximately 90,000 nationwide brokers are contacted. (Statewide numbers vary between states - CA = 15,000; NV = 3,500)
    • Direct Mail - marketing packages are mailed to adjacent land owners, land buyers and brokers.
    • Newspaper Ads - advertisements in the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal (U.S. and/or Asian editions), World Journal (Chinese Daily News).
    • Internet Presence - we place the listed asset on the following websites:
      • Our company website
      • LoopNet
      • Property Line
      • Land Watch
      • Land & Farm
      • Cityfeet (exposure on 200+ websites)
  • Persistent gathering of market feedback; we separate the "wheat from the chaff," which helps sellers better understand the existing market realities, explore alternatives and if needed, determine an asset's "mid-course correction."
  • We provide sellers timely marketing reports that summarize marketing efforts, feedback, and offers for easy comparison and decision making.
  • We are available to help negotiate transactions and stand ready to support the client's attorney or in-house staff. We also provide professional prepared purchase and sale agreements which many sellers and lenders have elected to use to keep costs under control.
  • We also provide in-house management of the escrow process.

Our Database Network is continually updated with our land buyers and their buying requirements as well as brokers. Below is the process we use:

  • Via mail - twice a year, contact all relevant land owners in the areas we specialize in offering to email or mail them our new land listings.
  • Every month, contact new land owners in the areas we work who the previous month recorded a deed on a parcel of land and make them aware of our servcies. This includes land buyers who purchased at a trustee sale.
  • We research all brokers and agents who have listed land in the areas we work and include them in our land broker distribution list.
  • Every buyer and broker who contacts us is added to our database if they are not already in it.
  • For commercial listings, we research / brainstorm who the potential users would be for the proeprty and contact them or their corporate office and provide them site data. If we are not in contact with a particular buyer, odds are one or more of the land brokers in our database are.
  • We share our listings and commissions with all brokers. We have a very large broker/agent following since this has always been our practice. If there is a buyer that we are not aware of, chances are one of the brokers we work with will know them
  • Our goal is to generate as many offers for a listed proeprty as soon as possible so the seller we represent has multiple offers to choose from.

Sellers often feel they can save money by attempting to sell land themselves or by telling one or more real estate agents that their property is available and letting several agents attempt to sell the property. We truly believe this is not a wise decision.

Offering a property for sale by owner may produce offers from real estate agents, but this nonetheless involves a commission. Even if the seller will only accept a net offer, one should realize the commission is always a part of the purchase price whether it is deducted from the seller's proceeds or added to the buyer's costs. When a buyer analyzes the purchase of a property, the commission is part of the cost, whoever pays it. The purchase price either works with the commission or it does not work at all.

With an open listing, various agents are competing with each other. The first agent to get an offer signed has the best chance to earn a commission. The agent's objective is to get their offer accepted; not necessarily representing the seller's best interest.

Another open listing problem is no one correctly markets the property or presents it to the entire buyer market. Thus, the seller never really gets to see all possible offers and does not have the ability to choose the best offer from the best buyer.

An exclusive listing with an experienced land brokerage company makes good sense.

By providing an exclusive listing to an experienced land brorker, a seller then has someone representing his interests. The selected broker has the time and incentive to correctly market the property to all potential buyers and to other brokers. The exclusive broker can help the seller analyze each offer/buyer and select the best offer at the highest price with the most reputable buyer who will close the escrow.


To help protect our clients and save them money, we provide - at no cost - a professionally drafted purhase and sale agreement. The agreement facilitates an efficient, effective and economical transaction. We recommend that our clients pass this document by their attorneys before executing.


On a regular basis we distribute commentaries and bulletins on current land related subjects. Commentary subjects often summarize the results of recent court cases and/or new legislation, which effect land and land development. Bulletins are distributed when important issues arise. Occasionally, bulletins requesting taking some action such as contacting a state senator to show support of pending legislation.

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William J. Korek - Chairman
Prior to founding Korek Land Company, Inc. in 1980, William (Bill) Korek held senior management and staff level positions with several national corporations. His field of expertise was department and division operations analysis.

Bill has negotiated hundreds of land transactions ranging from raw, unentitled land to fully developed residential commercial/industrial sites. Bill evaluates all Company listings for their development potential, financial feasibility and marketability.

Bill's diversified experience includes the sale of master planned communities, the financing of land development projects and the arrangement of joint ventures between homebuilders, developers and capital sources. His professional conduct and outstanding accomplishments over the past 35 years have gained him the respect of his peers and colleagues in the brokerage and development industry.

Bill is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin where he majored in Business and Economics. Presently, Bill is a member of the Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation Commission, and is a past member of the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission ("LACTC"). Bill is a licensed California and Nevada real estate broker.

Larry D. Lynch - President
Larry D. Lynch, KLC's President, has more than 35 years of real estate experience in executive management positions. Larry has purchased, sold and/or developed over $1 billion of land and residential units in the Southwest United States. Larry has been involved advising lenders, investors, and builders/developers throughout his career.

Larry has managed and developed raw land, partially improved land, finished lots, marketing programs, model home complexes, residential units, infrastructure systems, construction schedules and budgets covering a wide range of residential planned community, recreational and rural settings. Before joining KLC, Larry was President of M.J. Brock & Sons, Inc., Los Angeles Division.

Larry is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, a graduate of the Claremont Graduate School (Peter F. Drucker School of Management), a licensed real estate broker and previously held a landscape architect license. Larry also has extensive public service experience, e.g., founding board member of the Orange County Community Housing Corp., former Newport Beach Planning Commissioner, and a former board member of the Carlthorp School and UC Berkley's Parent Board

Deanne Boublis - Vice President, Land Sales
Deanne Boublis has been with KLC since 1987 and currently oversees the day-to-day operations of the company while providing exceptional brokerage services to her various clients.

Deanne's strongest attributes include the analysis of land projects for their development potential, financial feasibility and marketability; the negotiation and preparation of purchase agreements; and the implementation of broad-base marketing programs. Having started in the field of residential lending, Deanne also has a solid understanding of the escrow, buying and selling process.

Licensed as a sales agent in 1988, Deanne earned her broker's license in 1996 and began her career as a land broker. She has increased her sales and listing activity each year and has developed strong professional relationships with many of the Buyers, Sellers and Brokers that she has worked with which has turned into several referrals and return clientele.

Deanne has represented investors, developers, builders and various financial institutions on a multitude of property types - commercial, residential and industrial; raw and unentitled land (including several conservancy land sales) to finished lots ready to break ground - she has the expertise to match Buyers and Sellers with the right property.


Company Contact Title
The Aaron Companies Mr. Hal Aaron President
AMCAL Mr. Percy Vaz President
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Mr. Michael Davitt Director of Real Estate
Bank of America Mr. Eric Forsberg Vice President
Brookfield Residential Mr. Dirk Gosda Sr. Vice President
California Bank & Trust Mr. Thomas Atmore Asset Manager
City National Bank Mr. Mark Forbes Executive Vice President
Comerica Bank Mr. Keith Maruska 1st Vice President
County of Los Angeles Ms. Kathryn Barger 5th District Supervisor
County of Los Angeles Mr. Michael Antonovich Retired Supervisor
County of Los Angeles - Public Works Mr. Edel Vizcarra Government Relations Rep
Coussoulis Development Mr. Nick Coussoulis President
Harris Homes Mr. Craig Harris Vice President
Heath Appraisal Services Mr. Tom Heath President
Housing Research Center Mr. Alex Barron Owner
ICO Investment Group Mr. Isaac Moradi President
Investors Group of America Mr. Jim Goltche President
Kearney Real Estate Company Mr. Jeff Dritley Managing Partner
Kern County Planning Commission Mr. Ronald Sprague Commissioner
KR Consulting Ms. Kathy Rezzo Owner
KZMK Architects Mr. Don Jacobs President
L. David Cole Mr. L. David Cole, Esq. Attorney
LAFCO Mr. Paul Novak Director
Meeker Land Development Mr. William Meeker President
Molasky Company / Paradise Development Mr. Rich Worthington CEO / President
Newhall Land Mr. Greg McWilliams President
Olson Company Mr. Scott Laurie President
Pacific Community Builders Mr. Nelson Chung President
Proteus Company Mr. Wilson Gee President
R.C. Hobbs Company Mr. Roger Hobbs President
Robb Evans & Associates (Receiver) Mr. Kent Johnson Executive Vice President
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Mr. Glenn Baker Chief Financial Officer
S Power Holdings Mr. Drew Demos RE Acquisitions Land
San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust Mr. Kevin Kellems Projects Manager
Sandler & Rosen Mr. Steve Levy, Esq. Partner
Saugus Properties, LLC Mr. Don "Joe" Clem Managing Member
Sikand Engineering Mr. Mark Sikand Vice President
Sunrise Company Mr. William Bone President
VandenBerghe Development Mr. Ron VandenBerghe President
Venice Investments Mr. Perry Schultz Vice President
Webb Engineering Mr. Matt Webb Owner
Wildlands Conservancy Mr. David Myers Executive Director
Wildlands Conservancy Mr. Dan York Associate Director

Licensed in California and Nevada
CalBRE Lic. 00861992 | NV RED Lic. B.1001306.Corp

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